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tel: +81(6)-6327-8811
E-mail: miyu@artspace-mur.co.jp

Using natural Kochi coral and sulfurised silver-leaf made by herself,
she expresses unique color and texture(machière), "fusion" and "harmony"
between nature from the sea and chemical reaction in her paintings.

title: honobono biyori
title: whisper of Hozuki(plants)
natural coral powder, silver-leaf
dyed mud pigments, Kochi hemp paper
 natural Kochi coral powder・silver-leaf
dyed mud pigments,Kochi hemp paper 

title:  the move title: Friends?
silver-leaf, Chinese ink,
dyed mud pigments, Kochi hemp paper 
 Tosa shikkui, silver-leaf,
Kochi hem paper, dyed mud pigments

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tel: +81(6)-6327-8811
E-mail: miyu@artspace-mur.co.jp

 Owner/Director Yumi Nakamura
title: coming down 
natural coral powder, Chinese ink,
Kochi hem paper, dyed mud pigments, naturak minerak pigments

  "「Ushi sarara"
a smooth and silky drizzle

prize: Kochi prefectural exhibition 2012 (honorable mention)
material: Kochi hemp paper・Chinese ink・natural mineral pigmentsdyed mud pigments

"Micro Grace ~sonata of the sea breeze and science~ 2013"

material: Kochi hemp paper, Chinese ink, silver-leaf, dyed mud pigments,
mineral pigmentsu, Kochi coral powder

 OCHI AKEMI(Japanese Painting) 
 1974 born in Tottori, Japan, live in Kochi, Japan
 1997 Kochi University, faculty of Education, Major; Fine Arts graduate
 2015 Master of Education, faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kochi University
 solo & group exhibition:
 2012~ W2 WOMEN'S WING, Kochi
 2012 OCHI ATSUSHI×AKEMI Japanese Painting Exhibition, Kochi
 2013 "E no naka no joseitachi to "Hachikin"tachi no bi no sekai" Exhibition
     Nakatosa Town Museum of Arts, Kochi
 2014 "ART Relay TOSA←→SENCHU, Senri Asahi Hankyu building, Osaka
 2014 OCHI AKEMI/YAMAGUCHI NANAKO Exhibition, Tottori
 2015 Solo Exhibition"Iro no tawamure", Ino Paper museum, Kochi
 2015 "Nihonga no tanoshimi ーchallenging of a new expression"
     Kami City Musium of Arts, Kochi
 2015 11-Japanese painters Exhibition, Kochi

 2013 The 23rd Japan Art Salon Painting Exhibition
 2014 The 1st "Utazu Art Award 2014" (printing/drawing), Kagawa 
 2014 The 40th THE SOGA-kai Association of Japanese Painting Exhibition,Tokyo
 2014 The 7th Ino Fine Art Exhibition, Kochi(special prize)
 2014 The 25th Aniversary Exhibition Nakatosa Town Museum of Arts, Kochi
 2015 "ART MOVIE 2015"
 2015 The 8th Ino Fine Art Exhibition, Kochi(special prize)

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